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Terms Of Services

Student Agreement with EQuranTution.Com

Before starting your regular classes, you must comply with the following terms and conditions including any future amendments.

  1. EQuranTuition is bound to give you the best services (Insha’Allah) but we are not bound to provide you with the same teacher for the entire period of course duration because all tutors are on salaries for the specific contract of time with us and you will not leave the Institute due to the Teacher only.
  2. com strictly prohibited parents/ students to offer any of the EQuranTuition existing or any ex-tutor to take him/her services personally and pay the teacher directly for the cost of the services out of the EQurantuition.com platform. Sometimes, teachers may approach the students through their personal medium out of the Institute, thus the Institute causing loss due to these factors.
  3. If any teacher (he/she) will give you the offer to take his/her teaching services personally, you are bound to refuse his/her offer and inform the Institute by official email or website displayed numbers with the name of a teacher to Sui a legal case against him/her. As all the students are the property of EQuranTuition.Com during the course of the period.
  4. Parents/ Students are bound to talk directly to the admin on our WhatsApp, Skype, or by our support numbers concerning any issue which relates to the payment or learning, etc. Teachers have been hired to teach the subject only.
  5. If the regular teacher is not available for the classes due to absence, we will be assigned a substitute teacher for classes.
  6. If the progress of students is not satisfactory due to any reason, we will be assigned a different teacher for your classes to make better progress.
  7. Your class timing can be changed at your request if the same teacher has another class at your requested time, so we will assign you another teacher at the same time.
  8. If you pay the amount for the month but could not take any class of that month without informing, the payment could not be refunded or never be adjusted for future classes because teachers are bound according to your reserved timings slots.
  9. Your monthly payment will be taken in advance of each month by recurring billing and your counting billing period date will be started according to your joining date with us.
  10. After providing the trial classes, if you decide in the first month to discontinue/ stop your classes (due to any of your reason) during the month, the payment of that month will be refunded 100%
  11. Parents/ Students are bound to serve one-month prior notice before leaving the Institute so that we can arrange the alternative students to teachers’ schedule before the period ends for stable teachers’ jobs.
  12. If you want to go on vacation for a limited time period of less than one month. We will charge you the amount as per your package plan to reserve your time slots for future classes.
  13. Makeup classes are subject to the time availability only not more than a day. Students’ short/long leave will not be entertained because we do not assign temporary classes to teachers’ schedules once already booked with students
  14. Makeup class requests might be approved only in case you are busy or have any other activity come at your class time so you need to inform us at least 3 hours before according to your class time.
  15. Public holidays such as Eid etc. We are not bound to give you makeup classes for that period.
  16. Classes may be affected due to the electricity breakdown, Internet disconnection, or any internal issue in very rare cases. Alternative makeup classes may not be assigned.
  17. Test classes will be conducted by the substitute teacher to check the progress.
  18. The appreciation money we collect from your side such as at the time of completion of your holy Quran for the first time or any Islamic event like (Eid), we distribute the amount among the entire team because this is not an effort of your teacher only.

Classes have these simple and easy-to-access conditions to keep safe from any complications later. We hope that it will be a good journey with us.

I accept all the terms and conditions as mentioned above.

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